Versatile desks, built for life

Sit & Stand

A simple concept, Sit & Stand.
Versatile desks, built to last, elegant in form, flexible in function, well made, solid and strong.

Built for working, for workers and for well-being. Every detail thought through and well executed. These desks create great and agile places to work.

The flexibility to alter easily to suit individual styles and needs; inherent strength to withstand a long working life.

Yet they remain stylish. Form has followed function to a degree where they enhance every space, compliment any environment, facilitate collaboration – and will do so for years to come.

Available from stock

5 year guarantee

2 motors fitted as standard

Soft start & stop with anti-collision

Weight bearing up to 120kg

Raise speed of 40mm/second

White, silver & black frames

Adjustable height & length

Integrated cable management

Fingertip Height adjustment

Do you want to sit? Or would you rather stand?

Whatever you need it to be Sit & Stand will be ready. Electronic height adjustment takes it from 605mm to 1255mm in just 12.5 seconds.

Fingertip height controls

Telescopic beam, easily reconfigured width

Fitted with two actuators

The actuator (motor) is the most important part of any sit stand desk, inferior products will be slow, loud and unreliable.

The Claremont Sit & Stand actuator is a compact 2-part lifting column, which combines the guide and the actuator functions. Our desks are fitted with TWO actuators, not one.

Space to create

Sit & Stand allows movement, and that frees your mind and increases work capacity.

Desks can raise and lower all your equipment while keeping cables and clutter well out of the way, perfect for the creative demands of creative individuals.

Easy reach desktop cable management

Integrates with others

Sit & Stand integrates with Bench - it’s uniquely adaptive furniture.

Whilst its sturdy frame and optional privacy screens means a perfect fit in any environment.

Strong metal-to-metal fixings

Frame mounted screen for privacy

Stand to reason

No human body ever evolved to sit at a desk.

That’s why the health benefits of standing while you work can be so marked, just because that’s how the human body was designed.

As in all things, moderation is the key, but standing to work for a short time, or holding standing meetings can make you healthier, happier, and better able to concentrate. Even when you’re sitting down.

Increased capacity

Standing up while working increases movement, provides freedom and reduces mental blocks. This means greater workforce capacity.

Feel the burn

Studies show standing at your desk causes the heart to beat an average of ten beats per minute faster. That’s fifty calories an hour burnt.

Reduce metabolic risk

Prolonged sitting is associated with greater metabolic risk, diabetes and heart disease. Standing, and moving, reduces the risk.

Live longer

In 2009 over 17,000 workers were studied. The conclusion? We should avoid extended periods of sitting. A study in the US found that sitting under three hours per day might increase life expectancy by as much as two years.

A perfect finish

Sit & Stand is designed to fit into any environment. From getting the perfect, distinctive look for your office - to clever storage and cabling systems that makes working with Sit & Stand is as frictionless as it gets.

Metal work finishes




Wood finishes






Feature article: We don’t guarantee weight loss or a longer life, no one can…

The human body is built to move. So many studies, so many articles, blogs, white papers, opinions and marketing pieces have gone to great lengths to scare us into the concept of dying young, getting fat or simply living in discomfort.

The human body was built to move, the magic formula to well being in the office is not a desk that goes up and down, a chair that keeps your posture just right or a gym ball to balance on, the formula, the thing that is common in all of those “solutions” is movement. Constantly moving whilst working allows the body to be natural.


The add-ons and additions that make your working environment an ergonomic and comfortable place to be.


Desk-mounted screens

A little privacy when it’s needed, no barrier to collaboration and co-operation.


Pedestal storage

Neatly out of the way, lockable and mobile.


Screen accessories

Little touches that make life easier and working more efficient.


Flatscreen monitor arms

Make the most of every inch. Flat screen monitor arms that keep your workspace free.


Under-desk tower holder

To keep your PC tower out of harm’s way and still in easy reach.

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