Pride in every build

We are proud of our work, we are proud to be a leading desk supplier in the UK.

We design & build our furniture well and we build it to last. Making certain everything is durable easily installed and finished to exceptional standards. Thats what makes us a leading desk supplier in the UK.

Who we are delighted to have worked with

Bench the choice for advertising agency

Bench was Collaborate’s desking of choice for advertising agency’s new vibrant office environment in Crawley.

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A leading global TPA

A workplace transformation was the task for our dealer partner DP Designs on a recent project when their client, a leading global TPA, moved offices.

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A new corporate HQ forSSE

Since the end of March, staff from over 50 locations have been moving to the most technologically advanced office in the SSE property estate. Now over 1800 staff are based at the Reading HQ.

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Sixth time lucky forTaxCalc®

Back in early 2017 it became clear their current space was no longer sustainable for the increasing team size, this would be their sixth relocation in thirteen years, but it never gets easy…

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Quality promise

Our unbreakable, personal, promise is that we will deliver on time, at the time agreed, and that your experience with us will be snag free.

That is why we invest so heavily in our plant, our processes and our people; so we can keep our promises. We are loyal to our dealers, we develop relationships built upon trust, respect and understanding.


To the highest standards

Most of our products are FIRA Gold certificated. This independent and highly regarded scheme means our products can be specified with complete confidence secure in the knowledge that they meet all necessary applicable standards. Standards maintained through annual third party auditing.

Assurance of supply

20,000 workstations. Available immediately. From our UK based stock.

Holding this level of stock means we can supply on time every time. There is no need to wait for the next product run, or wait until production lines have been retooled and repurposed. Our furniture is available on call, the moment you call.

Our Team

We take care.

We take care because we think what we do matters, to the thousands of people who work at our desks every day, to the people who specify our furniture as part of their job, to the people whose backs no longer ache and whose working day passes a little more pleasantly. And because we care, we take care. In everything we do.

Where we started

We started as a family-run, Scotland-based business - and remain so to this day.

For more than forty years we have been part of the furniture scene, constantly innovating, constantly reinventing and constantly reinvesting in this industry and its people.

Our business now extends throughout Europe, yet it remains as personal in its outlook as it ever did. And just as committed to its customers.

We have a wealth of experience...

Supplying 1000's of desks to partners across the globe


Proud to help make a real difference to all

It is troubling that there are still places in the world where children cannot concentrate on their studies because of hunger.

It is especially troubling as it’s a problem that can be remedied; it requires no technological breakthroughs, no specialist teams. Just nutritious food. That’s why we are enthusiastic supporters of Mary’s Kitchen and the invaluable work that they do.

Feature article: Getting all dressed up...

At the beginning of July we shared a floor of the amazing Orangebox showroom in the heart of Clerkenwell.

On display were our 4 most popular ranges; Bench, A-Frame, Bench Lite and both our single and bench Sit & Stand solution. Finished only with white metal work and oak tops the product was specified by our internal design team to fit with the style of our hosts whilst also confidently displaying a Claremont Centre “collection” that can meet the needs of most of the people, most of the time.

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