Back in early 2017 it became clear their current space was no longer sustainable for the increasing team size, this would be their sixth relocation in thirteen years, but it never gets easy…

This is TaxCalc®. A family owned business that has grown dramatically in the last few years. Back in early 2017 it became clear their current space was no longer sustainable for the increasing team size, this would be their sixth relocation in thirteen years, but it never gets easy, especially when you are relocating the services required to support 80 and adding in an extra 80 workplaces for growth.

Working with Curve Workplaces under the watchful eye of Mark Bessant their new 10,000 sq. ft. office space in Wokingham accommodates product development, support, sales, creative, marketing, HR & finance.

TaxCalc CEO, Tracy Ebdon-Poole comments: “productivity, innovation and general workplace culture are all improved through collaboration. Ultimately our business is about creating a great place to work, making stuff that people want to keep on buying. That means getting the left-brainers to meet with the right-brainers and getting the best out of each others’ strengths. Not only do we develop our software through an agile collaborative methodology, other teams including creative and marketing do too. We’ve seen great benefits in revolutionising our brand and sales and marketing activities, all of which help with getting products to market”.

The new office provides natural collaboration spaces; the town hall area for stand-up meetings, booths for small meetings and big meeting rooms, mob spaces and scrum/collaboration tables, making it far easier to get together and then of course the Claremont Centre supplied desks. The Bench desks simply do what they are design to do; create engagement and collaboration by removing physical barriers around the user, free movement along the desk and a clear line of sight across the office, the desks manage cables so they’re not seen, meeting Tracy’s exacting requirements of a space that is functional but also homely.

The schedule for delivering the project was naturally quite short, once the business has acquired a new lease they need to put it to work as quickly as possible. All 160 desks were installed within 1.5 days by one of our three men crews, even with other trades on site working around them. For those that know, this is no easy task, but, it’s what we do, and we do it well.

Since they moved in, they’ve already played host to a number of high-level meetings with potential partners and media owners, and are pitching for new business every week. Their new surroundings have added a certain confidence and dynamism to their attitude and culture. Good luck to them, and remember guys, when you need to expand more, those Bench desks will do that admirably for you.

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