Solid desks, great customer service, that’s the Claremont way.

Great service. It’s what we’re made for. FIRA Gold certified desks, built to last, with no fuss. We know how to make a space great.

Task chairs

Our brand new range of task chairs bring comfort and style to the table. Well, the desk.

They’re one of the most important elements of any office. While it’s vital that task chair seating is comfortable and practical, style is important too.

At Claremont Centre we understand this delicate balancing act, and our brand new task chair range combines practicality, wellbeing and design to bring clients a set of options that prioritise the comfort and needs of staff while bringing a touch of class to the environment. Enjoy.

Sit stand desks

Sit stand quality is now more accessible from our stocked range of high quality, reliable, quiet & great looking desks.

Built for working, for workers and for wellbeing. Every detail thought through and well executed. These desks create great and agile places to work. The flexibility to alter easily to suit individual styles and needs; inherent strength to withstand a long working life.

Yet they remain stylish. Form has followed function to a degree where they enhance every space, compliment any environment, facilitate collaboration – and will do so for years to come.

The modern workplace has changed.

Things aren’t what they used to be. And neither is Claremont Centre. We know that workspaces aren’t just made up of desks and chairs. It’s about more than that. And so are we.

It’s about creating an ecosystem. A place where people can be creative. A place that encourages the best in them. Great office furniture works for your company and your team. We meticulously design ours to be flexible, ergonomic – and available just when you need it.

We're a delivery team

Focused on fulfilment, obsessed with service

We are united in success and defeat, we are Claremont Centre. Made up of a team of like-minded individuals with a common goal of disruption by being quick to respond, thorough in our planning, transparent in our approach & always with the client at the forefront of all we do.


Built to last & last

Making sure you get products to rely on is important. So we build to the highest standards. And the furniture experts at FIRA agree. FIRA Gold status gives you peace of mind that our products will meet the needs of the most demanding workplace environments...

Pride in every build

We are proud of our work

We are proud to be a leading desk supplier in the UK. We design & build our furniture well and we build it to last. Making certain everything is durable easily installed and finished to exceptional standards. Thats what makes us a leading desk supplier in the UK.

Feature article: Behind the scenes at Claremont Centre

Most sales orientated companies have a website, brochures and some social media accounts. The audience embraces the brand the way in which an architect of marketing has wanted them to. Shiny pictures, buzz statements and promises of being the best at what they do.

We’re different. We look at website and we look at our brochures, social media channels and some email campaigns and we are much the same. But, there is a difference (most marketing folk would probably say the next bit too), we’re different. The team at Claremont Centre are a proud team of individuals working with a common goal of fulfilling the needs of you; our furniture dealers and ultimately for you to have the confidence to pass on a promise to your clients that when you say they can have their office furniture, they will have it.

We have a wealth of experience...

Supplying 1000's of desks to partners across the globe


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