Proud to be part of some great spaces

It's what we're made for, FIRA Gold certified desks, built to last, no fuss, always part of a great space

(the industry’s best kept secret is out)

Spend less on desk

Unlike our competitors, we have fixed all our prices since 2016, for the rest of 2017.

The furniture industry is experiencing challenging times with price increases across the board. This is as a result of increased transit charges, raw material prices and even the availability of card board.

We’re not worried, in fact, we’ve fixed our prices to further enforce our assurance of supply, with 20,000 workstation in stock, you can be safe with the knowledge your product will arrive on time and in budget.

The modern workplace has changed

Clients demand greater creativity, collaboration and interest within their buildings. We say, spend less on the desk & more on what matters.

Great office furniture works for your company and for your team. We meticulously design ours to be flexible, ergonomic – and available just when you need it.


Built to last & last

Making sure you get products to rely on is important. So we build to the highest standards. And the furniture experts at FIRA agree. FIRA Gold status gives you peace of mind that our products will meet the needs of the most demanding workplace environments...

Pride in every build

We are proud of our work.

We build our office furniture well and build it to last. Making certain everything is durable, easily installed and finished to exceptional standards.

Feature article: Defying logic.

“We use you guys because you’re cheap, fast and good.”

We get that a lot. But surely, that defies logic, it defies the principle of the “quality triangle” If that is something you are not familiar with you can read plenty about it online, in essence, it states that there are three service attributes, value (price), quality and speed. The logic is no service provider can meet or even excel at all three service attributes, cheap & fast will usually lack quality, cheap & good is slow and finally fast & good is not cheap.

We have a wealth of experience...

Supplying 1000's of desks to partners across the globe