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It's what we're made for, FIRA Gold certified desks, built to last, no fuss, always part of a great space

(spend less on the desk)

We are Claremonteers

We are accountable for what we do

We are united in success and defeat, we are Claremonteers; like-minded individuals with a common goal of disruption by being quick to respond, thorough in our planning, transparent in our approach & always with the client at the forefront of all we do.

The modern workplace has changed

Clients demand greater creativity, collaboration and interest within their buildings. We say, spend less on the desk & more on what matters.

Great office furniture works for your company and for your team. We meticulously design ours to be flexible, ergonomic – and available just when you need it.


Built to last & last

Making sure you get products to rely on is important. So we build to the highest standards. And the furniture experts at FIRA agree. FIRA Gold status gives you peace of mind that our products will meet the needs of the most demanding workplace environments...

Pride in every build

We are proud of our work

We are proud to be a leading desk supplier in the UK. We design & build our furniture well and we build it to last. Making certain everything is durable easily installed and finished to exceptional standards. Thats what makes us a leading desk supplier in the UK.

Feature article: How “au naturel” is your office?

As the dark nights draw in, we’re spending less time outside in daylight and more time inside keeping warm and our daily commute happens when whatever little sun we have has gone down or not even risen.

Sounds depressing, right? Now couple that with the fact that our lives are also becoming more high-tech in all aspects of our day, sit on the tube, the bus or just walking down the street, we are warmed by the glow of our smartphone, watch or tablet, absorbed in our own little universe, forgetting our right to connect with nature.

We have a wealth of experience...

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