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It’s a funny thing a “product guarantee” (or sometimes referred to as warranty). It’s offered on products across the land with the hope it never gets used. That hope is shared by both consumer and retailer alike by the way. See at Claremont Centre we are very clearly accepting of one thing, across the board,…

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It’s a funny thing a “product guarantee” (or sometimes referred to as warranty). It’s offered on products across the land with the hope it never gets used. That hope is shared by both consumer and retailer alike by the way. See at Claremont Centre we are very clearly accepting of one thing, across the board, part of the Claremonteer make up if you like; our products are great but once in a while, something may need replacing…

We are confident that we have industry envious guarantees on all of our products. But what is it and how does that benefit the end user (scroll straight to the bottom to see the big small print)? Let’s get into it; under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, a guarantee is an agreement given by a trader to a consumer, without any extra charge, to repair, replace or refund goods that do not meet the specifications set out in the guarantee. Have you questioned what warranty your supplier is providing your end user with? Maybe now is the time?

This is how we do it: having tested every single component in our range of products to simulate a 10-year intensive period of use, all but one of our products carries a 10 year* no quibble guarantee. Provided to our customer upon request at the point of purchase. Our warranty is somewhat simple, after all, we’re only selling desks and accessories, how complex does it need to be? If one of our products fails to operate or contains a production defect that product is covered under our no quibble guarantee…

How do we test 10-years of intensive use? We go to the experts with over 70 years’ experience to test them. FIRA, The UK’s largest furniture industry research association. We send our products off to FIRA for testing, where they test the strength and stability, quality of work surfaces & adhesion and electrical systems in the workplace. We put our ranges through this process, so we can deliver products that are fit for purpose and that are of the highest quality.


Here’s the big small print found on the reverse of every guarantee certificate we supply:

A guarantee claim exists when a defect can be proven to have resulted from faults in the material or fabrication. We warrant – at our own discretion and as reasonable from an economic standpoint – the repair or replacement (including by a comparable product) of the relevant goods. The guarantee service provided by Claremont Centre does not result in a delay or interruption of the current guarantee period, nor does it represent the start of a new guarantee period. Guarantee claims of the first buyer are not transferable.

The costs of delivery, assembly, and other transportation are not part of the guarantee service, and will therefore not be assumed by Claremont Centre.


Start of guarantee

The guarantee period begins on completion of the purchase agreement. The first buyer has purchased Claremont Centre brand products either directly from Claremont Centre, from one of Claremont Centre’s subsidiaries, or from an authorised Claremont Centre dealer.

Prerequisite for the guarantee service In order to be entitled to services under this guarantee, a written notification regarding the damage must be submitted to Claremont Centre immediately after it occurs, along with a copy of the invoice and a detailed description of the damage (e.g. photo with text). The damage notification shall be considered to have been provided in due time if it is submitted to Claremont Centre within the guarantee period and is addressed to the location stated on the invoice. If the location no longer exists then the guarantee claim must be directed to Claremont Centre GmbH head office.


Guarantee restrictions and exclusions

The statutory guarantee period applies exclusively to electrical and electromechanical parts, media components, monitors, wear parts and moving parts. The guarantee does not apply to any failure or defect of a Claremont Centre product due to:

Damage caused by the user themselves.

Damage caused by force majeure.

Improper handling or usage which is not in accordance with the intended purpose (e.g. usage outside, moisture, temperature fluctuations, etc.) or a failure to follow Claremont Centre’s instructions for operation and maintenance.

Damage caused by servicing or repair work carried out by staff who are not Claremont Centre-authorised expert staff defects or damage which arise due to a request from the customer for an alteration to the product.

Improper transportation or assembly.

Normal wear and tear, e.g. colour fastness (bleaching of surfaces caused by UV rays, etc.), pneumatic springs, castors, and cover and surface materials (creasing, etc.) materials provided by the client or customer.

Claremont Centre reserves the right to request the return of damaged guarantee products before exchanging them.

Under the terms of this guarantee, Claremont Centre is only liable for those costs directly related to correcting the error within the scope described here, and not for direct or indirect consequential damage or the cost of legal proceedings.


Other provisions

If Claremont Centre rejects a guarantee service, the customer’s claims for this guarantee will lapse within six months of the receipt of Claremont Centre’s declaration of refusal. This guarantee is the only legal instrument that Claremont Centre recognises, to the exclusion of other warranties that authorised Claremont Centre dealers may offer. The guarantee is also invalid if the customer submits a claim to a Claremont Centre subsidiary or an authorised Claremont Centre dealer for a defect based on a statutory or contractual guarantee.


*Sit & Stand desks come with a 5 year guarantee, this is still one of the longest in the industry. Find out more about Sit & Stand desks.

Download our full guarantee certificate set.

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