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20,000 workstations. Available immediately. From stock.

Holding this level of stock means we can supply on time every time. There is no need to wait for the next product run, or wait until production lines have been retooled and repurposed. Our furniture is available on call, the moment you call.

Who we are delighted to have worked with

A new corporate HQ forSSE

Since the end of March, staff from over 50 locations have been moving to the most technologically advanced office in the SSE property estate. Now over 1800 staff are based at the Reading HQ.

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Sixth time lucky forTaxCalc®

Back in early 2017 it became clear their current space was no longer sustainable for the increasing team size, this would be their sixth relocation in thirteen years, but it never gets easy…

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Getting the team moving atXero™

It’s 7:30am and when we arrive at Xero™ to shoot our photos we are greeted to a communal kitchen laid out with a seductive range of breakfast goodies ready to service the team.

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Boosting staff satisfaction forClinigen

Working with our dealer partners Area Sq, Clinigen Group (Clinigen) wanted to pioneer innovative ways of working in a bid to boost the satisfaction and morale levels of the employees.

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Proud to make a difference

It is troubling that there are still places in the world where children cannot concentrate on their studies because of hunger.

It is especially troubling as it’s a problem that can be remedied; it requires no technological breakthroughs, no specialist teams. Just nutritious food. That’s why we are enthusiast supporters of Mary’s Kitchen and the invaluable work that they do.

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